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Esri (Environmental Systems Research Institute) is an international supplier of Geographic Information System (GIS) software, web GIS and geodatabase management applications. IntroGIS has the status of silver partner


Esri CIS

Esri CIS is the exclusive international distributor of Esri, provides software distribution Esri's geographic information systems on the territory of Russia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan

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Data+ is the official distributor of Esri CIS, GIS integrator for the design and construction of infrastructures for geodata, the creation of geo-information portal and implementation of GIS solutions that are integrated with other elements of customer information systems.


Technology of Safety

Commercial Scientific Technical Centre "Technology of safety" - organization operating in the field of research, expertise of services related to the provision of industrial, fire, environmental, radiation safety, the development of automated information system, management and monitoring systems in the field of industrial safety, protection of population and territories from emergency situations.



Research Institute of Life Safety - the initiator and participant in the federal and republican environmental programs, a leading organization in the Republic of Bashkortostan to address a wide range of applications in the field of environment.

  • Man-made Hazard (Fast Analysis)

    Техно ЧС (оператор)

    Extension and tools for ArcGIS Desktop, Server "Man-made Hazard (Fast Analysis)" are intended to calculating zones of defeat and determinating the degree of industrial risk. Software include 15 different methodics for modeling explosions, fires, chemical and radioactive contamination.

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    Man-made Hazard (Expert Analysis)

    IntroGIS Manmade Hazard Expert Analysis

    Extension for ArcGIS Desktop "Man-made Hazard (Expert Analysis)" is intended to simulation of processes of dispersion of pollutants in the 3D space. Software include 5 different methodics for modeling chemical contamination, "heavy" gas cloud.

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    Hydro Disaster


    Extension and tools for ArcGIS Desktop, Server "Hydro Disaster" are intended to monitoring, forecast parameters water-stations, calculation of flood zones at the rise of the water level and the breakthrough dam in the river system (geometric and hydrodinamic calculations).

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    Extension and tools for ArcGIS Desktop, Server "Wildfire" are intended to monitoring active fires, calculation of spread fire (wetland, upstream, downstream) based on topography, meteorological conditions. Software include 3 different methodic.

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  • Oil Spill

    Oil Spill

    Extension and tools for ArcGIS Desktop, Server "Oil Spill" are intended for assessment and prediction of oil spill on the surface of the land and waters and can be used for the prevention and elimination of emergency situations related to oil spills.

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    Extension for ArcGIS Desktop "Meteo" is intended to collect and spatial assessment of current and forecasted weather data with the open international network of weather stations.

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    Photo GPX


    Free Add-In for ArcGIS Desktop "Photo GPX» is designed to create a file geodatabase and coatings (point multipatch) location shooting, including a set of attributes: a photo, date, shooting direction, coordinates, and others.

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    Free Add-In for ArcGIS Desktop "NUI" sells natural user interface (NUI - Natural User Interface) and is designed to control two-dimensional maps and three-dimensional scenes voice and gestures. For gesture control is required Microsoft Kinect.

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